To provide you with the best possible solution for your specific application, innoFlex offers you a particularly broad range of materials for slideway protectors. After thoroughly analysing your requirements, we will work together with you to find the optimum material – and therefore the best slideway protectors for your application.

Slideway protectors – material overview

Material number660670680690730740
Material thickness0.20.340.340.350.330.35

Mechanical properties
at room temperature

Resistance to tearing / N / 50 mm / DIN EN ISO 14218002000200015007001500
Elongation at break / % / DIN EN ISO 1421 181818--3012
Bending stiffness / cN / DIN 531215 bis 15221420-4510010
Water column / mm water column / DIN EN 2081120002000200020005002000
Resistance to bending Bally / revs / DIN 53351400005500046000250004000040000

Thermal behaviour

Flexible at low temperatures down to °C (applies to covering material only)-20°C-20°C-20°C-20°C-20°C-20°C
Max. continuous operating temperature in °C (applies to the covering material only)90°C90°C90°C100°C180°C60°C

Resistance to dust

Resistant to water
Resistant to cooling emulsion
Resistant to chemicals
Resistant to chips
Resistant to spattering

The max. range of application for all materials due to the standard


Very good





Guiding frame (PVC) at an ambient temperature of approx. 60 °C

Please note
If you are unable to find the right material for your specific application, just speak to one of our applications technicians.
We will be happy to provide you with expert individual assistance.