Fabric bellows

Robust all-round protection

When sensitive technology is deployed in a rugged environment, superior protection is essential.

innoFlex fabric bellows protect high-precision machine components from extremely harsh outside influences. They are highly robust, abrasion- and wear-resistant, weatherproof and very durable. innoFlex fabric bellows even reliably repel sparks, glowing metal chips, aggressive chemicals and hot liquids.

With our special-purpose materials we even achieve short-term temperature resistance of up to 700 °C.

The design

The standard design of an innoFlex fabric bellows consists of a highly robust carrier fabric and an innovative coating of specially developed elastomers. The innoFlex applications technicians will be happy to advise you on selecting the right material.

Low costs: you do not need to pay any moulding costs if you select one of the many standard sizes. And even if you need special sizes to suit your particular needs, you only pay a small percentage of the moulding costs.

Movement creates either positive or negative pressure in fabric bellows and thus they need to be ventilated. If required, innoFlex can integrate a sufficient number of ventilation units in the bellows. innoFlex meets your special functional requirements with air filters, air connections and a range of similar accessories.

The connection can be selected as required: round fixation or flange, with clamps or screwed.

The protective functions

innoFlex fabric bellows protect cylinders, spindles and other machine components from …

  • Dust and dirt
  • Weathering
  • Sharp-edged chips
  • Water
  • Hot liquids
  • Grease and oil (also hot)
  • Aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkaline solutions
  • Temperatures up 1,000 °C (short-term)
  • Flying sparks
  • Glowing metal

… and people from …

  • accidentally touching moving machine parts

Reasons to choose fabric bellows from innoFlex:

  • Extremely robust and dimensionally stable
  • Excellent resistance values
  • Usable up to 1,000 °C (when suitable material is selected)
  • Customised functional equipment
  • No mould costs in most cases