In order to integrate the new slideway protectors in your application in a functionally reliable manner, innoFlex offers you a wide range of connections and accessories. Just speak to our technicians about your specific application. Together we will find the ideal connections and accessories for your slideway protectors.

Round fixation

Double round fixation

Double round fixation  and steel flange


Flange and steel flange

Flange and steel flange Df > Da

When installed horizontally, disc bellows can be equipped with support discs and/or slide bushings. This prevents the bellows from becoming jammed with a threaded spindle or a rack.

Support discs

Slide bushing

External guide

External guide

High processing speeds cause a great deal of pressure to develop in the bellows, which can even destroy them in the worst case. This is prevented by built-in ventilation (via air flaps or valves).

LK – air flap

LS-m – air filter (brass)

LS-k – adhesive filter

Pipe connection

Clamp connection