Dip-moulded parts

The ideal solution for complicated geometries

Do you need to safely cover machine components that are angular or difficult to reach? Then we can help you with our special problem-solver: the dip-moulding process.

The dip-moulding process enables us to implement very complicated geometries – with lengths ranging from 10 to 800 mm. However, the dip-moulding process is also a good solution for “ordinary” bellows in small and medium batch sizes (50–1,500 pieces) because it is particularly cost-effective – provided that suitable material is used.

By introducing plasticisers and additives, innoFlex can adjust the flexibility of the moulded parts to ideally suit your requirements.

The dip-moulding process

The technology in a nutshell: In the dip-moulding process, preheated metal moulds are dipped into liquid PVC plastisol. The thermosensitive plastisol gels around the dipped mould. The longer the residence time in the plastisol, the greater the subsequent wall thickness. The component is then gelled in an oven and demoulded and the dip-moulded component is finished.

The dipping process is labour-intensive and therefore only economical for small to medium quantities, or for geometries that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. In any case, you will benefit from the low mould costs.

With its dip-moulded parts, innoFlex repeatedly succeeds in solving persistent technical challenges. Just speak to one of our applications technicians if you need covers or sheaths in complicated shapes.

The protective functions

innoFlex dip-moulded bellows protect machine components from …

  • Alkalis
  • Low-percentage acids
  • Petrol and benzene
  • Seawater
  • Emulsions
  • Oils and greases (special formulation)

… and people from …

  • contact with moving machine parts

Special feature

innoFlex dip-moulded parts have excellent electrical insulation properties. To protect people from contact with electrical current, machine and operating components can be covered or sheathed with dip-moulded parts.

Reasons to choose dip-moulded parts from innoFlex:

  • Extremely cost-effective in small quantities
  • Fast delivery
  • Even complicated geometries are feasible in one piece – like no other process!
  • Good resistance values
  • Customised functional equipment
  • Two or more colour zones possible in one moulded part


  • Medical technology and electrical engineering
  • Agricultural and commercial vehicles
  • Construction machinery
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering and construction