Polyflex bellows

The perfect bellows

innoFlex polyflex bellows are a fascinating combination of first-class workmanship and perfect optics. This standard is achieved by means of a special manufacturing process that innoFlex has perfected over the last few years.

One of its special features is the in-fold blocking device, which innoFlex developed especially for polyflex bellows and makes lengths of 10,000 mm and more possible.

The design

A sophisticated folding technique is used to give the material its characteristic polygonal shape, giving the bellows a particularly high level of dimensional stability.

You can choose the connection as required: round fixation or flange, with clamps, screwed, or fastened. In the case of particularly heavy polyflex bellows, the round fixation diameter should be about 30 mm smaller than the outer diameter of the folds.

During movement, positive or negative pressure develops in polyflex bellows. They therefore need to be ventilated. If required by the customer, innoFlex can integrate a sufficient number of ventilation units.

innoFlex meets your functional requirements with additional equipment: air filters, air connections for hoses, sliding bushes, external guides, clamps etc.

New from innoFlex: the in-fold blocking device

innoFlex polyflex bellows offer you a special advantage: the in-fold pull-out stop. Thanks to this innovation, polyflex bellows move precisely and safely – even at lengths of 10 metres and more!

Sewn-on pull-out stops that bulge outwards like loops during the compressing movement are common on the market and can cause mechanical problems. The in-fold pull-out stop from innoFlex is different: inseparably attached to the tips of the folds, it lies accurately in the depth of the folds when the bellows are contracted – without increasing the block dimension Lmin.

The advantages:

  • Great optics
  • Position of the pull-out stop precisely defined
  • Nothing can get caught up

The in-fold pull-out stop is only available from innoFlex.

The protective functions

innoFlex polyflex bellows protect spindles and other machine parts from …

  • Dust and dirt of any kind
  • Metal and wood shavings
  • Water
  • Oil and grease
  • Acids and other aggressive liquids

… and people from …

  • Injury due to moving machine parts

Reasons to choose polyflex bellows from innoFlex:

  • First-class workmanship
  • Accurate, clean appearance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Precise folding
  • In-fold pull-out stop
  • Lengths up to 10,000 mm and more possible
  • Customised functional equipment