Disc bellows

Unsurpassed extraction ratio

innoFlex disc bellows have special advantages and are therefore also suitable for unusual applications.

Their distinctive feature is the smooth, accurately cylindrical outer contours. The attractive solution when design is also a factor.

You do not pay any mould costs for innoFlex disc bellows (see table). This is just one of the reasons why disc bellows are particularly cost-effective, even in small quantities.

The design

innoFlex disc bellows are usually made of CSM rubber, NBR rubber or x-Tend. They are based on individual ring-shaped discs that are alternately connected to each other along the outer and inner contours. This creates a homogeneous material connection – and the closed bellows can be made to any length.

innoFlex also offers you sewn disc bellows made of Preox, silicate fabric, metallized glass fabric, PUR-coated polyester fabric, etc.

We have presented the specific material properties for you here: innoFlex material list

For horizontal use, innoFlex disc bellows can be stabilised via internal slide bushings made of PA or PTFE. This prevents the disc bellows from touching the spindle.

During movement, positive or negative pressure develops inside the disc bellows. They therefore need to be ventilated. If required by the customer, innoFlex can integrate a sufficient number of ventilation elements.

The connections of innoFlex disc bellows can be selected as required: round fixation or flange – or both.

Our tip: innoFlex disc bellows made of x-Tend

x-Tend is a tear-resistant film developed exclusively for innoFlex. Its properties:

  • Highly UV-resistant
  • Adequate resistance to oil and grease
  • Usable between –20 °C and +60 °C ambient temperature
  • Tear-resistant

Your advantage: By selecting x-Tend disc bellows with large pleat depths you benefit from significant price advantages over conventional solutions.

The protective functions

innoFlex disc bellows protect spindles and other machine parts from …

  • Dirt and dust
  • Chips (metal, wood, etc.)
  • Water and other liquids
  • Oil, grease
  • Aggressive substances

… and people from …

  • Contact with moving machine parts

Reasons to choose disc bellows made by innoFlex:

  • Outstanding extraction ratio
  • Excellent design: particularly even and smooth outer contours
  • No mould costs in most cases
  • Can also be produced economically in small quantities
  • Connections selectable as required: round fixation or flange or both
  • With ventilation elements on request

Special materials are available for unusual requirements (e.g. high-temperature applications).