Injection-moulded rubber part for automotive use

Injection- and compression-moulded parts

Bellows and other moulded parts

We can produce moulded parts in medium and large quantities in a particularly economical way using injection- or compression-moulding processes. These enable us to produce bellows in a variety of sizes, but also in completely individual shapes, e.g. for cover caps.

Depending on your requirements, we use elastomer formulations with varying degrees of hardness: highly flexible, or strong and dimensionally stable – your particular application is decisive.

Do you have specific colour requirements? No problem. We can compress and inject moulded parts in the colour of your choice (as far as the required plastic permits).

The compression moulding method

The compression moulding method (CM) is the traditional process for producing rubber-moulded parts. In this process, an uncured rubber mixture is manually placed in a heatable vulcanising mould.
The mould is then closed in a press. Due to the pressure generated by the press and the mould temperature, the rubber softens, begins to flow and thus fills the mould cavity. After a defined amount of time, the vulcanised part is removed.

The injection moulding method

In the injection moulding process, an elastomer compound is preheated and plasticised in an injection moulding machine and then injected into a heated mould. After vulcanisation, the finished part can be removed from the mould. Compared to the compression moulding process (CM), IM (injection moulding) is the more modern process that enables significantly shorter cycle times to be achieved.

Reasons to choose injection- and compression-moulded parts made by innoFlex:

• Particularly economical in medium and high quantities
• Made from high-quality elastomers
• High dimensional stability
• Hardness and resistance according to individual requirements